Thank you Collabora!

After summer 2017 I finished my RGSoC internship working on Nextcloud and I was looking forward to joining a company that values open source while completing my studies. This time my choice was Collabora! I was super excited to work closely with active LibreOffice engineers, as a Marketing Specialist.

Collabora Productivity is a division of Collabora, the global software consultancy dedicated to providing the benefits of Open Source to the commercial world. Our two products are Collabora Online and Collabora Office. Collabora Online is the powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which you can integrate into your own infrastructure and Collabora Office is an enterprise version LibreOffice with long term support & maintenance.

It has been a great experience working with a dedicated team that cares about user’s privacy and works really hard to develop open source solutions such as Collabora Online. Everyone is welcoming and helpful when you need their support. During the last year I have learned a lot during my journey at Collabora, that became like a second home to me. I loved the fact that I could use exclusively open source software for my daily work, even for everyday communication such as Mattermost.

That’s why it was very hard for me to take this decision. I have decided to leave Collabora and search for a new opportunity to work more closely with communities. A new career direction that I decided to focus on. I will miss the team meetings, working on the new releases, checking the new features… etc. I’m happy to see the team growing and the products improvements – kudos to the team work!

Super thanks to Michael, Eloy, Andras, Kendy, Miklos and all the team – Amir, Ash, Aron, Dennis, Henry, Justin, Lubos, Marco, Mike, Tomaz, Szymon, Tor, Tamas. Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing great news from Collabora!