Kicking off RGSoC scholarship :)

Codeaholics just kicked off their first RGSoC event in Tirana!

Super excited to start working this summer as part of “Rails Girls Summer of Code“, a dedicated scholarship program that aims to foster diversity in Open Source since 2013. This scholarship offers us a great opportunity to shape and develop more our programming skills, a way for students to spend their summer commiting on their github account (especially to a specific open source project).

Xheni and I, are currently finishing our studies on Information Security and Business Informatics at the University of Tirana. We have been part of Open Labs for four years now, the first hackerspace in Albania dedicated to promote FLOSS, contributing on different open source projects like Linux (Fedora), Wikipedia, Mozilla, OpenStreetMap, LibreOffice etc. Being part of different open source communities has helped us a lot to gain new experiences, learn new things, make new friends and have fun!

Our latest involvement is Nextcloud, a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting service, where we will contribute and work on the contact apps and documentation part during this summer. Our mentor for this project is Jan-Christoph Borchardt, our coaches are: Joas Schilling, Morris Jobke and Aldo Ziflaj, and our supervisor is Benedikt Deicke. We will be working and keep in touch with them for any issue that we might face, help that we might need, etc.

Video call during the kick off event at Open Labs Hackerspace, with Laura and Jan.

On 1st of July we organized our first event at Open Labs Hackerspace at 6pm. We had a lot of participants that were interested on this scholarship, eager to learn more on how to apply for the next round of RGSoC. We also had a short video call just to say Hello to our amazing team, kudos to Laura and Jan and thanks for joining us. After the introduction to the program and the video call we had a small party with the participants, that made the atmosphere more friendly and enjoyable.
Now Xheni and me are ready to officially start working as Rails Girls Summer of Code students, ready to develop our skills and gain new exciting experiences.

Thanks again to RGSoC team for this great opportunity, and best of luck to all the teams! Happy coding 🙂

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