I ❤ Fedora Meetup


Considering the long time I had been using Fedora I thought to share my experience with other people. First thing that came in my mind was to make a meetup with all Fedora lovers, and not only, in order to create the fedora community in Albania.

On 14-th February we were together discussing about Fedora. We learned more about Fedora and its connection to RedHat , how safe and stable is this operating system 100%free and open. We focused more on Fedora Project, the global partnership of free software community members and the strong connection with their community, their mission and the four foundations (Freedom,  Friends, Features, First). How to get involved, contribute and collaborate in Fedora Project.

Fedora comes installed with a wide range of software such as LibreOffice and Firefox. Additional software is available from the software repositories and can be installed using the yum so we showed how to install some basic programs.During the presentation we saw a video-message of Giannis Konstantinidis Fedora Ambassador in Greece. We got to know better the latest version Fedora 21 and what is new in it, Pidora specialized Fedora distribution for the Raspberry Pi, also the differences between Fedora and other distributions. As it was St Valentine’s Day there couldn’t miss chocolates and lots of love from Fedora.

See you all @Fedora Meetup #2 at Open Labs.


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