Fedora Localization Sprint #1


Fedora Localization Sprint is the informal meeting of Fedora Albania & Open Labs Community members to contribute in Fedora translation in Albanian through Zanata platform, to translate articles in Wikipedia related to Fedora and Fedora Wiki. This event was held on Saturday, 31 October 2015 at 4PM, at Open Labs Hackerspace.  The goal of Fedora Localization Project (FLP) is to bring everything around Fedora (the Software, Documentation, Websites and culture) closer to local communities (countries, languages and in general cultural groups). Usually this involves doing translations via PO files but is certainly not limited to that.

This kind of event was held for the first time in Albania and our goal was to help people get involved and contribute this whole alloted time at the sprint for translating Fedora projects. This involves more discussions and interactions within the community, effectiveness & productivity and qualitative translations that help increase the translation percentage for Fedora. We wanted to make more people understand and learn about Fedora localization projects and the modules in it and also gather more contributors for Fedora L10n project, improve the quality of translation using peer review, improve language translation completion status or complete Fedora translations 100%.

As this was the first time we were organizing such a event, we were more focused in helping and redirecting everyone to the ways how they can contribute, so the next time we’ll hopefully have more hands on to translate as much as we can. Until then we wish to everyone “Happy translating” 🙂

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