DevConf’18 and CommOps FAD

About DevConf 2018 is the 10th annual, free, Red Hat sponsored community conference for developers, admins, DevOps engineers, testers, documentation writers and other contributors to open source technologies such as Linux, Middleware, Virtualization, Storage, Cloud and mobile where FLOSS communities sync, share, and hack on upstream projects together in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic.


Meeting the community

It was the third-year in a row attending this conference, and it’s always great to meet a lot of Fedorians in Brno. As every year I stay at the Fedora booth where people mostly come to take swag or ask questions for the upcoming release because most of them (more than 90%) are familiar with Fedora. Ah, and the badge too! We requested the badge at the last minute actually because we forgot about it earlier.


And – since a lot of people pronounce it in different ways we thought to record all the versions. 😛 We invited all the people that wanted to try it out and recorded them, it was very funny to hear different pronunciations for PAGURE.

Apart from staying at the booth, I attended different talks, mostly related to community or Fedora ones and catch up with a lot of Fedorians. Of course, we celebrated 10 years DevConf with a lot of fireworks and champaign.


 CommOps FAD

The Fedora Activity Day (FAD) is a regional event (either one-day or a multi-day) that allows Fedora contributors to gather together in order to work on specific tasks related to the Fedora Project.

Directly after DevConf, we had planned a CommOps FAD with these goals for 2018:

  • Grimoire Dashboard – have a demo ready with metrics, more discussion during FAD
  • Appreciation Week 
  • Elections – improve the process, run things smoothly, more discussion during FAD
  • Docs Migration
  • easyfix tasks for new CommOps contributors

First day

We started the FAD with a throwback in 2017, what we have accomplished, in order to finish the year in the review article for our team: starting the Flock 2017 session, elections, metrics from the Community Blog, new CommOp-ers and other highlights for 2017! Later on, our focus for the first day was “Fedora Appreciation Week”. We revisited Fedora Appreciation Week and mapped out a plan to implement the first run in 2018. The emphasis during the FAD was to create a realistic, short-term plan to launch the event this year. What do we want to achieve with it? Ensure lasting, healthy contributions, having lower burnout probability and build on top of the “Friends” foundation.

One of the deliverables we thought was Fedora hosted happiness-packets website. This was a project for Google Summer of Code, where Bee and I were mentors.


Add Fedora user account authentication and fedmsg integration to Happiness Packets to deploy in Fedora’s infrastructure


Happiness Packets is a web application to send positive feedback and thank-you notes to open source contributors. You can send a note with your name or anonymously. The Fedora community plans to have a Fedora Appreciation Week in 2018, where contributors thank each other and celebrate our accomplishments together. Fedora wants to extend Happiness Packets by giving a Fedora Badge to anyone who sends a Happiness Packet to another contributor. To do this, we need to fork Happiness Packets and add support for Fedora’s authentication system and add a fedmsg hook. This lets Fedora contributors log in and receive a badge when they send a Happiness Packet.

In the end, we finished the timeline about the Fedora Appreciation Week and working blockers we might have.

Second day

Our focus on the second day was “Metrics”. We want to collect metrics to understand the Fedora community better and to provide the community a tool for data analytics.

We divided the metrics into three categories:
  • User-based – analytics on user activity (timewise, by categories etc)
  • Teams + Community Health – analytics about different subprojects/ SIGs in Fedora, their activity, and health
  • FedoraLand – to get a broad overview of Fedora project

We did some brainstorming and we used sticky notes to write our ideas and match with the categories we had. Under users, we created new categories: activity stats and user patterns/path, under teams and community health we have: activity, interaction, regions, newcomers and misc, under Fedoraland we have: (storytelling) Magazine / CommBlog / social media, elections, ask Fedora, events, and badges.

What tools will we use? We are planning to use Grimoire that’s why we attended GrimoireCon and the other one is Fedora Happiness Packets. In the end, we discussed FOSS student pack too.

Third day

I went only at the end of the third day because I was sick at that day and had a very bad headache. They did a recap for me, for the things they had discussed: focusing on elections, understanding community engagement and fedmsg integrations that was part of Outreachy and Google Summer of Code.


I love FAD-s because you can have a lot of things done/planned/brainstorm etc – same as we did for CommOps – seems that face to face meetings are very effective.