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My name is Jona (jonatoni). I’m a student of Business Informatics at the University of Tirana, and also a hacktivist of Open Labs.

I’m tremendously passionate about the philosophy of FLOSS, that’s why lately I have been working on promoting FLOSS in Albania. I’m part of Open Labs hackerspace, that is a community which promotes free and open source technologies, open data, open technological standards, online privacy and powering public domain and alternative licenses of creative works such as Creative Commons. Our primary projects as a community are the development of GIS systems with open data such as OpenStreetMap; open source browser such as Mozilla Firefox; wiki culture and more specifically projects from Wikipedia Foundation such as Wikipedia Shqip, Wikidata etc; productivity platforms such as LibreOffice; open source operating systems such as GNU/Linux. We organize OSCAL that is the annual international Open Source Free Software Conference in Albania dedicated to empowering Software Freedom, Open Knowledge, Free Culture and Decentralization.

My first open source project that I joined was Fedora. I became the first Fedora Ambassador in Albania and together with other Open Labs members started to build up the local Fedora community. After joining the Ambassadors subproject I joined other teams as well: Diversity Team, Localization Team, Marketing and CommOps teams (also FAmSCo). I love the spirit of the Fedora Community. It is a fun, friendly and engaging environment which fosters participation and further development for anyone who wants to help. If you have an idea and want to implement it the community will give you all the suggestions and help you need. I want to emphasize and highlight that we at the Fedora community (and other open source communities as well) are thankful for all contributors regardless of their technical skill level.

Since I was a user of Fedora (with my favorite DE GNOME 😉 ), I had installed by default LibreOffice and was using it every time I had to write a document, create a presentation etc. In this way, I thought to join LibreOffice community as well and become a TDF member. Together with other women part of LibreOffice community, we thought to create a group dedicated to women: LibreLadies, and I’m extremely happy to see other women joining the team year by year.

One of my other favorite open source communities is Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services, a safe home for all your data. A very friendly and funny community, that I started to get even more involved during summer 2017. Above I will explain more details about this experience.

Summer 2017 (July-September), was one of the most productive summer periods. I was part of Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) that is an award-winning global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. Rails Girls Summer of Code is about helping newcomers to the world of programming further expand their knowledge and skills, by contributing to a worthwhile Open Source project. The focus is not on producing highly sophisticated code, but rather participants learning transferable skills from their project work. The project that my teammate and I were involved was Nextcloud, we worked specifically on the Contacts Apps (JavaScript and AngularJS). It was a never-to-be-forgotten summer – one of those summers that leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going. The gained experience we had this summer has inspired us, even more, to continue contributing to coding part of open source projects. I already know C++, Java, web programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc) but now my focus is mostly on Python. Especially scripting since metrics is a very interesting topic to me.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion play a key role in designing a community because the background that everyone has should be secondary to their abilities and passions, but not all the communities have achieved this yet. Communities should welcome and encourage participation by everyone. One of the underrepresented groups that I have been more involved is women. I’m interested in empowering woman in society because women participation in open technology and culture is very important so we should all pay more attention. There are so many nice outreach programs for women in open source, we just need to spread the knowledge and motivate every woman out there to join the movement. There are lots of things to do, not just coding and developing, everybody can find other exciting things to do in open source projects i.e. writing, documentation, designing, translation, testing etc. Having said this, D&I is one of my favorite topic where I spend time to read new things, share my experience with others etc. Also, you can have a look at Open Source Diversity website that my friends and I have created for more diversity & inclusion in free & open source software communities. 🙂

In my free time… (Do I have free time? :P)
Apart from being a Linux lover, I’m madly, deeply in love with football. I’m a crazy fan of AC Milan and Luca Toni, I love the way how FC Barcelona plays and I like to watch how phenomenal is Leo Messi in every match that he plays. Also, I love digits and in my free time I study and teach math.


#OpenSourceGirl | FLOSS Promoter | Hacktivist | Open Labs Hackerspace Member | Fedora Ambassador & FAmSCo member | TDF Member | OSCAL Co-organiser | Nextcloud Contributor | RGSoC Alumna | Collabora Productivity Marketing Specialist

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