About me

Hello 🙂

My name is Jona, I’m a student of Business Informatics at the University of Tirana, and also a hacktivist of Open Labs.

I’m passionate about the philosophy of Open Source, I believe in transparency and cooperation, open and free Internet. I have been working on promoting FLOSS in Albania. Also, I’ve been working on Fedora Localization Project to bring everything around Fedora closer to our community.

I’m interested in empowering woman in society because women participation in open technology and culture is very important so we should all pay more attention.

I’m very passionate about programming, I already know C++, Java, HTML, JS and a bit of Python and I’m learning other languages.

Apart from being a Linux lover, I’m madly, deeply in love with football. I’m a crazy fan of AC Milan and Luca Toni, I love the way how FC Barcelona plays and I like to watch how phenomenal is Leo Messi in every match that he plays. Also, i love digits and in my free time I study and teach math.

Do I look crazy now? 😛

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